so… yeah.

In my never-ending quest to use up as many URLs for my own personal benefit as possible, I am moving again. But I’m not starting yet another new website – I’m just moving back to Team Hartwell. Turns out WordPress isn’t as simple as I was hoping for and I’m just a Blogger girl at heart. I’ve moved all the Anna posts back there, so all the Anna goodness is back in one place. See you there!


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Long time no post!

I must say, blogging is the first thing to go when I have too much on my plate (and I think that’s as it should be, right? Better for me to ignore my blog than my child, husband, or job, I imagine).

Life has been immensely crazy in the last few weeks. Anna has been sick. (She’s on the mend, assuming she doesn’t share her mama’s allergy to amoxicillin!) We are going up to the Twin Cities this weekend for the baby shower of dear friends and plenty of family time too (so excited!!!!). Seth has been busy with Santa Fe rehearsals/performance of Haydn’s Creation, in which he was the tenor soloist (and was fabulous, if I do say so).

And, work has been insane (I was on the news!). Plus, in two weeks we are appearing for oral argument before the New Mexico Supreme Court on a case I’ve been working on for over 3 years. Should be exciting!

In the midst of this, I am pausing to post some recent photos of my sweet pea! She is such fun lately: she’ll bring you a favorite book to read (there are many; we are particularly enjoying her love of a book about the Count from Sesame Street, as she will bring you the book while saying “ah-ah-ah!”) and is on the verge of walking for extended periods of time. She can walk, she just seems to prefer not to (wouldn’t you, if someone carried you all the time?). She does love tearing up the stairs, however, making parental supervision all the more important…

Here’s Anna diving into her Easter basket from Grandma & Grandpa:

Anyone want to read me a book?



Usually all about the sippy cups; this day only a bottle would do

Fingerpainting with maple syrup

Anna + Lambie = BFF


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Coming out of hibernation from writing an emergency brief on this fascinating (really!) topic to drop off this link, which I just got in my weekly e-mail:

The Latest Child Product Safety Recalls

Be safe, friends!

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Happy Easter!

Last week was the usual whirlwind — I was raised by a church musician and am now married to one, so I have never known what it is like not to be s-w-a-m-p-e-d during Holy Week. Seth sang at seven services last week! (But it is my favorite week of the entire year, so I’m not complaining.) One day maybe I will be back with some substance… in the meantime, here we are on Easter!

(I can’t seem to make the above photo non-blurry; click on the photo to enlarge and see a better version!)

Anna had a great day singing hymns and sometimes choir anthems (sorry, choirs); enjoying the string quartet, brass, and percussion; charming fellow churchgoers; charming the staff at brunch; and exploring her Easter baskets from parents & grandparents. Here she is clutching her seasonally appropriate lamb and wearing Mama’s “vintage” (well, 1979 anyway) Easter dress.

Happy Easter!

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Happy anniversary!

Anna Justine was baptized one year ago today!


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Things That Make Me Happy Today

* Tomorrow is the first day of spring!

* Anna is really excited about walking. She’s taken several steps on her own and I think she’ll have the hang of it soon!

* If the University of New Mexico basketball team beats Washington tomorrow, they will advance to the Sweet Sixteen! (Find a printable bracket here.)

* We are working our way through the Alias series and it’s so much fun to revisit the adventures of Sydney, Vaughn, Sloane, Jack, Sark, Irina, etc., etc.

* Target’s new Liberty of London line—what could be better than flowers and vintage British prints at affordable prices?

* This week was spring break for Albuquerque Public Schools and I did not have a single phone call about it (usually holidays/vacations are very busy for divorce lawyers, since parents often disagree about how the child spends the break and/or with whom) Spoke too soon 🙂

* I had a dentist appointment yesterday and have no cavities

* We’re getting closer to finalizing plans for our summer vacation—Seth’s aunt and uncle are generously letting us use their beach house in Destin-Ft. Walton Beach, Florida and we’re meeting Seth’s parents there for some fun in the sun. Can’t wait!

* J.S. Bach’s birthday is this weekend and MPR is playing all kinds of lovely stuff all day

* We don’t have anything planned for this weekend except date night tomorrow (so nice to have eager baby-sitters nearby!) and watching the UNM game (and maybe some more Alias!)

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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Nine Things I Learned from Organizing Old Photos

This week I’m organizing all of my old college photos. Here are a few tidbits I’ve learned (or re-learned, as the case may be):

1. I was much thinner in college.

2. I look much better now. Largely because…

3. …brow wax and flat irons have been two of my greatest personal discoveries.

4. It is no wonder I did not like shoe shopping in college when Doc Martens and Birkenstocks were all there was to buy.

5. ‘90s fashions might just be even worse than ‘80s fashions.

6. Having said this, I am still loyal to: black, turtlenecks, black turtlenecks, Gap jeans, and J. Crew. Yes, it appears that I have never stopped shopping at either the Gap or J. Crew.

7. My taste in home décor has vastly improved since college, as it no longer includes any of the following: sunflowers, posters of baby animals, Disney, navy/burgundy/hunter green plaid, plastic crates, blond wood furniture from Target, or ubiquitous posters (I had both this one and this one; quite possibly everyone I knew had one or the other?).

8. I had a lot of fun in college. A LOT.

9. My college friends are probably the dearest friends I’ll ever have, not only because they are such wonderful people but also because they knew me when I dressed like that and they still love me.

Photos to come. Maybe.


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