Almost Thanksgiving?!

 We’ve been back from San Diego for over a week now, and it was a wonderful time. Anna got lots of family snuggle time – we took hundreds of pictures and it seemed like she was being held by someone different in each one! Lucky girl. We also spent lots of time at the beach, indulged in fish tacos, Chipotle burritos, and In-N-Out burgers, and Anna got some new clothes at the Gymboree and Baby Gap outlet stores near our hotel. Oh, and Seth’s cousin got married! It was a beautiful wedding and they make a lovely pair. We’re so happy for them. It was such a rejuvenating vacation that felt a lot longer than four days! You can see all kinds of photos in my November Flickr set here.

I am now coming down on the other side of a trial I had on Monday. We actually didn’t finish the trial and have to go back to court next month. Luckily, all my prep work is done (although I’m going to subpoena four police officers since we have some more time now). (You might be thinking that it sounds like a crazy case, and you’d be right.)

Anyway, with this trial somewhat behind me for a bit, I’m starting to think ahead to the holidays! Seth got out our Christmas decorations last night and we had fun putting some of them out after Anna went to bed. We got our tree up, but won’t hang the ornaments until this weekend when Miss A is awake and can participate. (By “participate,” I mean crawl around the floor and look cute while we try to keep her from eating anything non-edible.)

The highlight for me, though, was unrolling the felt tree Advent calendar I received at my baby shower last year. I got a little teary thinking of that lovely party and filling the calendar with all the happy ornaments made by my family and friends. Even if at nearly 10 months Anna is still a bit too young to understand, we’re still going to go through the motions of finding an ornament each day to hang on the tree. Next year she’ll have a better sense of it all, not only what Advent means but also how very, very much she is loved by all the dear folks who made those ornaments for her.

I’m also starting to think more about holiday traditions. Advent/Christmas has always been my very, very favorite time of year… I’m not sure if that’s because it’s also the month of my birthday (but I don’t think so – I’m not the only one who loves December, right?). Some of my most treasured memories are from this time of year: baking cookies, the St. Olaf Christmas Festival, reading the Christmas story and other beloved books, various nativity sets, Advent calendars/ wreaths, etc., etc. Now I’m trying to think of other meaningful rituals we could add to our family’s celebrations. If we were Swedish, for example, I’d bake this bread for St. Lucia Day… but we’re not. 😉  So if you have any must-do activities that you think should become part of our family’s celebration, speak up!


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