Random recommendations

My friend Dawn from my Augsburg Fortress days writes a blog about her daily adventures as the mom of two young kids. She also happens to have a PhD in developmental psychology and is a senior editor of Sunday school and children’s resources. Anyway, Dawn recently posted this:

Ever since I’ve worked at Augsburg Fortress, I’ve been struck by the fact that if only everyone in the ELCA bought $9 a year of AF merchandise, we’d be able to keep moving forward without the financial challenges that face denominational publishers these days. If only, if only. So in this season of Advent, I’ll be recommending a new AF product each day to help you spend your $9 by purchasing great Christmas gifts. If you’re not an ELCA Lutheran, you still may find some gems here, and then your financial contribution is just gravy, or icing on the cake, or something like that. (But not gravy and icing together.)

So head on over to her blog for some great product recommendations including the Spark Story Bible and the Alphabet Adventure book (both of which Anna will likely be receiving in her stocking this year)!

Also, thanks to my friend Missy for posting her recipe for Creamy Turkey Wild Rice Soup. I could eat creamy chicken wild rice soup every single day of winter and not get tired of it, I think. So I’ll definitely be making this soon. (Step one: find wild rice. I don’t see it in New Mexico grocery stores very often… or maybe I haven’t been looking closely enough?)



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2 responses to “Random recommendations

  1. Liz

    Love the Spark Story Bible!

  2. Liz, thanks for the link love. I hope you like the soup – let me know how it goes! 🙂

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