Back in the saddle

Today is my very first day working in the new decade. I have been thinking a lot about how far we’ve come in the past ten years. Ten years ago I was 22, working here (and not liking it all that much), and dating somebody else (whom some of my readers remember fondly, I’m sure). Fast forward a decade: I’ve gained a husband and a daughter; lost my brother, three grandparents, and a dear friend; am starting my fourth year working as an attorney. And I’ve gained innumerable other things: cherished friendships, a few pounds, and, I like to think, more inner strength and confidence. My thirties have certainly been wonderful so far. It’s funny to think that I thought I should have things all figured out by age 22! I don’t have them figured out now either, but at least I am wise enough now to realize that I’m still learning.

We spent New Year’s in Tempe, Arizona, where Seth cheered Iowa State to victory in the Insight Bowl and I went to IKEA. Funnily enough, we each thought we got the better end of the deal! It was a wonderful little getaway. Though I prefer the four seasons and winters that feel like winter, I have to admit there is something very alluring about palm trees in January! Photos to come…


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  1. Kristine

    Liz, I love this post. 10 years ago, how different things were.
    Happy New year to you! I hope the next 10 years bring you even more insight, inner strength and just plain old happy memories!

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