More birthday photos

These are especially for Em, who was wondering about cake. (Not surprising since E is something of a cake expert – hers are masterpieces!) Indeed there was cake. I opted for easy cupcakes, but the chocolate cake and chocolate frosting were delicious and showed up nicely in our little blondie’s hair. We think Miss Anna was wondering why we’ve been holding out on her so long…

And one shot from what we hope will be an annual tradition – my parents always took a photo of us on our birthdays (from 1-18) and it’s really fun to look back on the years. Anna is sitting in a chair that belonged to her Grandpa Hartwell when he was little.



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2 responses to “More birthday photos

  1. Di

    I love your cupcake shot! We’re getting fired up for Leif’s big day this weekend. The cake of choice, a Danish Layer Cake to be made by Tom and Kaj during Leif’s morning nap on Friday. I’ll be curious to see how that works out!

  2. Emily Kahnert

    Hi Liz – thank you for the cake picture!!! I loved them – smart girl, that Anna. That’s the best way to eat a cupcake, for sure!

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