Nine Things I Learned from Organizing Old Photos

This week I’m organizing all of my old college photos. Here are a few tidbits I’ve learned (or re-learned, as the case may be):

1. I was much thinner in college.

2. I look much better now. Largely because…

3. …brow wax and flat irons have been two of my greatest personal discoveries.

4. It is no wonder I did not like shoe shopping in college when Doc Martens and Birkenstocks were all there was to buy.

5. ‘90s fashions might just be even worse than ‘80s fashions.

6. Having said this, I am still loyal to: black, turtlenecks, black turtlenecks, Gap jeans, and J. Crew. Yes, it appears that I have never stopped shopping at either the Gap or J. Crew.

7. My taste in home décor has vastly improved since college, as it no longer includes any of the following: sunflowers, posters of baby animals, Disney, navy/burgundy/hunter green plaid, plastic crates, blond wood furniture from Target, or ubiquitous posters (I had both this one and this one; quite possibly everyone I knew had one or the other?).

8. I had a lot of fun in college. A LOT.

9. My college friends are probably the dearest friends I’ll ever have, not only because they are such wonderful people but also because they knew me when I dressed like that and they still love me.

Photos to come. Maybe.



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3 responses to “Nine Things I Learned from Organizing Old Photos

  1. Di

    LOVE this! I hope you’ll write a book someday. I’ll buy the first copy. 🙂

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