Things That Make Me Happy Today

* Tomorrow is the first day of spring!

* Anna is really excited about walking. She’s taken several steps on her own and I think she’ll have the hang of it soon!

* If the University of New Mexico basketball team beats Washington tomorrow, they will advance to the Sweet Sixteen! (Find a printable bracket here.)

* We are working our way through the Alias series and it’s so much fun to revisit the adventures of Sydney, Vaughn, Sloane, Jack, Sark, Irina, etc., etc.

* Target’s new Liberty of London line—what could be better than flowers and vintage British prints at affordable prices?

* This week was spring break for Albuquerque Public Schools and I did not have a single phone call about it (usually holidays/vacations are very busy for divorce lawyers, since parents often disagree about how the child spends the break and/or with whom) Spoke too soon 🙂

* I had a dentist appointment yesterday and have no cavities

* We’re getting closer to finalizing plans for our summer vacation—Seth’s aunt and uncle are generously letting us use their beach house in Destin-Ft. Walton Beach, Florida and we’re meeting Seth’s parents there for some fun in the sun. Can’t wait!

* J.S. Bach’s birthday is this weekend and MPR is playing all kinds of lovely stuff all day

* We don’t have anything planned for this weekend except date night tomorrow (so nice to have eager baby-sitters nearby!) and watching the UNM game (and maybe some more Alias!)

Have a great weekend, everybody!


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