Hey there! My name is Liz. I’m a thirty-something mama, wife, lawyer, & musician currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I’m nuts about the predictable-but-nonetheless-miraculous stuff: my beloved daughter, husband, family, friends, and my two kitties. I also love: words, paper, singing, cello, church music, coffee, home décor blogs, cupcakes, sushi, lip gloss, shoes, hydrangeas, storage containers, all things British, Sex and the City, NPR, and the New Yorker. This blog is my little corner of cyberspace to keep track of all my favorite things (great and small) in one place. I also keep my favorite links and bookmarks here.

The title for this blog came from one of my favorite hymns and choral pieces, O Day Full of Grace. You can hear a rather fabulous rendition of it here (I am not biased). The text and tune are both very precious to me, but I also love the title because it speaks to what I’m trying to live all the time: days full of grace.

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  1. Liz

    Hi, Liz! Apparently we share not only a name, but a bizarre number of similarities, judging from this blog. Hmmm… we could be kindred spirits!

    I’m a 30-something mom to two little boys, former cello player, L.M. Montgomery fan, multiracial (part Norwegian, and I have visited Norway, and attended an LSM concert), pastor’s spouse, and editor living in Chicago.

    And wearing that last hat, of an editor for your denomination’s magazine(s) in Chicago, I’d love for us to be able to use a version of your March 5 entry, The Anxiety Experiment, for our free weekly e-newsletter. Might you be interested?

    You can contact me here:

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