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Long time no post!

I must say, blogging is the first thing to go when I have too much on my plate (and I think that’s as it should be, right? Better for me to ignore my blog than my child, husband, or job, I imagine).

Life has been immensely crazy in the last few weeks. Anna has been sick. (She’s on the mend, assuming she doesn’t share her mama’s allergy to amoxicillin!) We are going up to the Twin Cities this weekend for the baby shower of dear friends and plenty of family time too (so excited!!!!). Seth has been busy with Santa Fe rehearsals/performance of Haydn’s Creation, in which he was the tenor soloist (and was fabulous, if I do say so).

And, work has been insane (I was on the news!). Plus, in two weeks we are appearing for oral argument before the New Mexico Supreme Court on a case I’ve been working on for over 3 years. Should be exciting!

In the midst of this, I am pausing to post some recent photos of my sweet pea! She is such fun lately: she’ll bring you a favorite book to read (there are many; we are particularly enjoying her love of a book about the Count from Sesame Street, as she will bring you the book while saying “ah-ah-ah!”) and is on the verge of walking for extended periods of time. She can walk, she just seems to prefer not to (wouldn’t you, if someone carried you all the time?). She does love tearing up the stairs, however, making parental supervision all the more important…

Here’s Anna diving into her Easter basket from Grandma & Grandpa:

Anyone want to read me a book?



Usually all about the sippy cups; this day only a bottle would do

Fingerpainting with maple syrup

Anna + Lambie = BFF



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And some Christmas Day photos…

This ball is actually a cat toy – ahem.

Poor kitty – we took the tree down, so his safe refuge is now gone.

Many more photos are here. Merry [fifth day of] Christmas!

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Pretty freaky

I came across this old picture of Seth today. Does it remind you of anyone??

How about now?

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The fourth day of Christmas

(At least that’s how I’m choosing to see it – it’s still Christmas even if I am back at work!)

Anna thoroughly enjoyed her first Christmas! And we certainly enjoyed sharing it with her. Here are some photos from Christmas Eve (I haven’t uploaded pics from Chr. Day yet):

Inspecting her new tea set:

And her new doll:

And resting on a nearby panda bear (it was way past her bedtime!):


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Finally, some pictures

… and lots more where those came from, here and here!

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Testing, testing

Just a test post with a picture. I’m finally getting the hang of this, maybe…

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